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Online solution that allows the dispatch of messages via SMS regardless of the operator at the national level. Through this solution, you will be able to plan the sending of specific or batch (mass) messages for a group of recipients. Guarantee the reception of the message to your beneficiary regardless of the operator. SMS is the most effective connection for message delivery: marketing campaigns, notifications, billing, etc. Do you need a test of our solution?

Web solution that allows the management of information from a Stock Exchange Seat independent of its data CORE towards its clients. Our platform adapts to your needs to offer your clients a more human digital channel: check your position in real time, account status, historical queries, place and track orders from anywhere and at any time. Management of secure profiling for the client, OTP, various queries, etc… are part of our online solution. Integrates with any central data system. Contact us to offer you a demo of the solution. Ubibroker is a platform aimed at transforming your business with your digital users in mind.

Is the online banking platform developed to suit financial institutions. Robust, flexible and scalable solution with a wide variety of modules to serve the electronic channel as a self-management channel for your customers. The system can also be used to suit your specific business needs, serving for transaction management, as a payment platform, for international transfers or simply as a messaging and customer interaction solution.

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